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2017 (Atlanta)

Day 1 Keynote
John Pierson, CEO
Vikram Chalana, Founder & Chairman
Kristian Kalsing, VP Solutions Marketing

Day 2 Keynote
Kevin Goulet, VP Product
Brian Berg, VP Customer Services
Kirk Weisler, Chief Morale Officer
Ida Vincent, Motivational Speaker

99 Cents Only StoresDaniel Dobson, Jason BielawskiLeverages WInshuttle for Operational Efficiencies
Aecon Construction Group IncBeth Cartlidge, James BonaAutomation in Finance Shared Services
Ascend Performance MaterialsOcal YilmazAscend’s Journey to Higher Quality Material Master Data
BBIJerry LucasHow BBI uses Winshuttle to Accomplish Special Projects and Everyday Transactions
BBraun Medical Inc.Erin StoneEmpowering the Business User with Winshuttle Query and SAP Lumira
Bentley Leathers Inc.Daniel VargasHow Bentley Leathers’ Departments increased ownership of Master Data
Cargill Inc.Julie MazurowskiCargill’s Best Practices for Documenting Winshuttle Scripts
Coca-ColaTechie DevilleresCost Reduction and Efficiency Improvements
Dorman ProductsDave KellyUsing Winshuttle Query to get Real Time Answers
Evoqua Water TechnologiesMichaeline MegahanA Complete Solution for High-Quality Customer and Vendor Data
IDEXXVanessa KutasiHow IDEXX uses Winshuttle to Improve Pricing and Finance Master Data Automation in the Veterinary Industry
NXPGregory HensleyStrategies for Effective Global Deployment of Winshuttle Solutions
PlexxusTarjinder RayatAutomating Data Loading Process with Winshuttle
Scientific Drilling InternationalNancy NanThe best approach for your move to SAP S/4HANA
Smurfit KappaAndres Felipe VelascoHow Winshuttle Helped us to Make Accounting Department Employees Happy
Textron Inc.Naomi LundBuilding an Enterprise | Winshuttle Strategy
The Home DepotCorey B. HolstegeCreating Projects in SAP
VFCHenry CadmusWinshuttle Data Preparation Challenges
WinshuttleMaria Simpson, Adarsh SrivastavaComposer Advanced
WinshuttleAdarsh Srivastava, Tammy LakeComposer Basics
WinshuttleSigrid Kok, Tammy LakeDashboard Creation in Power BI
WinshuttleTiffani Marsing, Sigrid KokExcel Workflow
WinshuttleDavid McAuliffeTransaction Intermediate 9-19
WinshuttleBill Wiseman, Shelby MurrellTransaction Intermediate 9-18
WinshuttleDavid McAuliffeQuery Advanced
WinshuttleBob GlitchHarnessing the Power of Excel
WinshuttleAman AlungTransaction Basics
WinshuttleNagajan KaravadraTransaction Advanced
WinshuttleNagajan KaravadraStudio Solutions
WinshuttleAman AlungQuery Basics
WinshuttleMarc RouhanaJournal Entry Management
WinshuttleTiffani Marsing, Jennifer HwangDirect Essentials

2016 (Las Vegas)

(Re)Think, (Re)Charge, (Re)Connect
Lewis Carpenter, CEO
Kirk Weisler, Chief Morale Officer

Making SAP Work Better
Vikram Chalana, CTO
Kristian Kalsing, VP Enterprise Solutions

AT&TTina ScalesBig Wins with Winshuttle in HCM Training and Development at AT&T
Aviall, Inc. a Boeing CompanyJim CulpPlugging the Gaps: Using Winshuttle to Supplement Custom Development in Finance
B BraunErin StoneFlattening the Report Creation Curve: Faster, Easier Reusable SAP Reporting and Data Analysis
BraskemIan CorneliusEasy Wins Using Winshuttle for Pricing Production, and Master Data
Carhartt, Inc.Jill EdgeUsing Winshuttle Foundation to Enhance Master Data and Make a Positive Impact in Order-to-Cash
Central Garden & PetChris HarperImplementing Winshuttle Foundation to Streamline Indirect Spend and Budgets with SAP
Clear Process SolutionsPanel Discussion7 Secrets to Rapidly Automating Processes Through Forms & Workflow
DATUMCameron OgdenCrowdsourcing Data Governance from within the Enterprise
DisneyBrian NashUsing Technology to Streamline Reporting and Communication for Capital Project In-Service Dates
Dorman ProductsDave KellyHolistic Data Management: Best Practices to Manage the Impact of Data Changes
HalliburtonEdward ScottObtaining Efficiency Outside the Box
Home Meridian InternationalKathy HillTips, Tricks & Techniques for Lean SAP Order to Cash Process Efficiencies
Kellogg CompanyJulie PriebeImplementing an SAP Integrated Customer Creation Workflow
MoenViji Vijay & Yale EvansUsing Winshuttle Foundation to Rapidly Automate Project Portfolio Management
Siemens CorporationDan HauschildDealing with the Intricacies of SAP Customer Master Data and Credit Management
Smith & NephewMelissa HollingsworthA Global Story: Bridging the Data Quality Gap
TargetShon KaneHow Target Supports a Large Winshuttle Community
Tesoro CorporationRae BurgeHow Tesoro Streamlined their Order and Delivery Process with Winshuttle
The Coca Cola CompanyDarian WorleyCoca-Cola’s Lean Six-Sigma Approach to Master Data Management
WinshuttleIsrael RosalesBest Practices for Building Mass Maintenance Solutions with Winshuttle Studio
WinshuttleJennifer HwangActive Governance of Master Data: An Introduction
WinshuttleHeather OebelCreating Multiple Records in a Web Form
WinshuttleIsrael RosalesHow to Measure and Continuously Improve your Winshuttle Workflow Processes
WinshuttleJennifer HwangUpdating Multiple Units of Measure: An Excel How-To
WinshuttleKristian KalsingApplication Data Management vs Master Data Management
WinshuttleSamantha GodfreyGetting to Grips with Winshuttle Journal Entry
WinshuttleBob GlitchEnhancing Excel Reporting with Winshuttle Studio and the Analytics Add-on
WinshuttleDivya KaiwarSetting up Journal Entry Approval with Winshuttle Workflow
WinshuttleBob GlitchTips and Tricks for using Winshuttle in Finance
WinshuttleDivya KaiwarTackling Complex Finance Transaction Automation
WinshuttleJim BarkerUnderutilized Capabilities: Query & Direct
WinshuttleHeather OebelHow to Manage your Pricing Updates with Winshuttle Studio: The Classic Round Trip Scenario
WinshuttleHeather OebelLearn How to Build Scripts per Business Process, not just per T-Code
WinshuttleJim BarkerForms and Workflow 101: How to Get Started
WinshuttleYoon ChungMaintaining Partner Functions: Add/Update/Delete From a Single Template
WinshuttleJason LewisCreating and Maintaining a Healthy Winshuttle Environment
WinshuttleSigrid KokBest Practices for Easily Adding Workflow to Existing Winshuttle Excel-Based Solutions
WinshuttleJason LewisNavigating the Complexity of a Global Winshuttle Architecture
WinshuttleTiffani MarsingHow to Put Winshuttle to Work for You in HCM Object Management
WinshuttleMarc RouhanaWinshuttle Online: Freedom to Focus on what Matters Most
WinshuttleClinton JonesIntroducing Winshuttle Integration for Salesforce

2014 (Fort Worth)

Disrupting the Status Quo
Lewis Carpenter, Winshuttle CEO

The Winshuttle Story
Vikram Chalana, Winshuttle CTO

What to Do When There’s too Much
Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro

Align AerospaceLissette MonarqueWinshuttle for Rookies
B BraunErin StoneUsing Winshuttle in Internal Audit, Finance and Controlling
BizNet Software, Inc.Eric EagerReal Time Excel-Based Reporting
CelaneseGaby Roznovosky & Viktoria ThiyaniImproving Master Data at Celanese
ConAgra MillsMelissa WegnerStreamlining the Supply Chain Process
Configurable ManagementSteven BranchDynamic Purchase Requisition Approval without Configuration
ConocoPhillipsJ.R. AtkinsSimplification and Master Data Governance
DannonJustin ShaakDealing with “incorrect” Invoices and Other Billing Matters
DisneyJennifer Stevens & Jennifer BaucherIt’s All Connected: Taking Winshuttle from Studio Pilot to Enterprise Implementation in Finance
HalliburtonEdward ScottHow Halliburton Uses Winshuttle to Automate Complex Processes to Improve Data Quality
MeadwestvacoSteve GnegyLeveraging Winshuttle to Streamline QA Data Entry in a Division-Wide Process Implementation
MoenBeth TrayersAutomating Capital Expenditure Request Approvals Using Winshuttle Workflow
Pepsico & WinshuttleTonya Garner & Kristen MeryPutting the YOU in User Group: How the North Texas WUG is a Self-Sustaining Community of Winshuttle Users
REIKentner CottinghamActionable and Dynamic BI Reporting with Winshuttle Query
Remy CointreauAlexandre Page-ReloPurchase Info Records, Price Automation and Reporting with Winshuttle
The Coca-Cola CompanyTanya AllgoodHow The Coca-Cola Company Uses Winshuttle to Increase Productivity and Improve Standardization for Global Processes
University of Arkansas Medical SciencesJake StoverLeveraging Winshuttle in SAP for Activity-Based Costing & Scenario Building
WinshuttleHeather OebelPrepopulating Fields and Data Validation
WinshuttleJennifer HwangUsing Winshuttle in Budgeting Processes
WinshuttleTiffani MarsingWinshuttle Extreme for SAP HR
WinshuttleSigrid KokCreating and Maintaining Clean and Accurate Sales Data
WinshuttleKristian KalsingApplying a Lean Approach to Data Management
WinshuttleKristian KalsingMaster Data Governance: An Introduction
WinshuttleJennifer HwangUsing Winshuttle in Asset Accounting
WinshuttleKendahl HorvathWinshuttle Central Basic Overview
WinshuttleCharles HowardCreating and Updating Sales Orders
WinshuttleCharles HowardCreating and Updating Sales Orders – Scripts
WinshuttleTiffani MarsingIncrease Time to Value for Winshuttle Products: Accelerators, Design Patterns & Templates
WinshuttleHeather OebelHandle a Materials Batch Request Like a Single Form Request
WinshuttleIsrael RosalesMaster Data Mass Maintenance 1
WinshuttleClinton JonesTips & Tricks for Using Winshuttle in General Accounting
WinshuttleCharles HowardCreating Purchase Orders Using Transaction or Direct
WinshuttleCharles HowardCreating Purchase Orders Using Transaction or Direct – Scripts
WinshuttleMarc RouhanaCentral on Office 365: Finally a Cloud Solution That Will Bring You a Ray of Sunshine
WinshuttleJennifer HwangConfigurable Material Creation: Excel How To
WinshuttleIsrael RosalesMaster Data Mass Maintenance 2
WinshuttleJim O'FarrellBVA Objectives, Methods and Implementation
WinshuttleSigrid KokPricing with Winshuttle Transaction and Query
WinshuttleDoug StepinaCentral Reporting and Dashboards
WinshuttleHeather OebelSearch Query and Address Validation
WinshuttleSigrid KokUpdating Invoices and Deliveries
WinshuttleDoug StepinaWinshuttle Extreme for SAP QM
WinshuttleDoug StepinaWinshuttle Extreme for SAP QM – Videos
WinshuttleVikram ChalanaWinshuttle Composer Overview
WinshuttleDoug StepinaUpdating Bill of Materials: Advanced If-Then Conditional Winshuttle Script Authoring
WinshuttleDoug StepinaUpdating Bill of Materials: Videos
WinshuttleDivya KaiwarWinshuttle Query Basic Overview
WinshuttleSamantha GodfreyConnect and License Management Best Practices
WinshuttleSkate AprilPreview of Studio 11: See What We’ve Been Cooking up for Transaction, Query & Direct (BAPI)
WinshuttleDaniel del ValQuery and How it Can Be Used in Finance
WinshuttleTiffani Marsing & Doug StepinaJump Start Training – Extreme Transaction/Query/Direct
WinshuttleSigrid Kok & Jennifer HwangJump Start Training – Advanced Workflow
WinshuttleCharles Howard & Maria SimpsonJump Start Training – Transaction 101
WinshuttleHeather Oebel & Divya KaiwarJump Start Training – Workflow 101

2013 (San Diego)

A Decade of Empowerment
Lewis Carpenter, Winshuttle CEO

Empowered, Iterative and Innovative
Vikram Chalana, Winshuttle CTO

Arizona ChemicalArwen PritchettArizona Chemical’s User of Winshuttle to Create Clean and Efficient Business Processes for SAP Material Master Data
BP InternationalJeff BurnettBuilding and Managing OM Structures Using Winshuttle Transaction
Braskem AmericaDale WhitakerData Integration for a Distributed Organization
Bunn-o-MaticCindy LordA Custom Blend: How Bunn-o-Matic Uses Winshuttle with Lotus Notes to Automate Custom Material Creation
ConAgra FoodsKirk FroistadM&A with a Dash of Winshuttle: How ConAgra Foods Speeds up Acquisition Integration
Configurable ManagementSteven BranchWinshuttle Super-Sized: Macros, VBA, Forms and Workflow
DAP ProductsWilliam BerardelliUsing Microsoft Excel with Winshuttle Query
DATUM LLCWill CrumpGetting Executive Sponsorship for Data Management Initiatives
DelphiPaige EadsManaging Source List Modifications to Minimize Supply Disruption
HollyFrontierBlake Abbott & Dan HuntAdvanced SharePoint and Winshuttle Usage to Effectively Manage the Master Data Process in SAP
Home Meridian InternationalKathy Hill10 Techniques for Leaner, Faster, and Globally Wired SAP Master Data Efficiency
Honeywell International AerospaceMaria Amate & Bill VieiraCentral Has Landed: How Winshuttle Central Enhances the Value of Honeywell’s Winshuttle Deployment
Johns ManvilleTonita Young & Lisa SackBalancing Master Data Ownership & Governance: How Winshuttle Enhances Collaboration Between IT and the Business
Johnsonville SausageJason KingInnovative Transaction Scripting – Start Thinking “Out of the Box”
Los PortalesJaime Gonzalez MellySAP Procure to Pay – Learn How to Enhance Vendor & Purchase Workflow
PepsiCoTonya Garner & Scott SkogenShared Efficiency, Shared Success in PepsiCo Shared Services
PharmascienceJohn NickersonOptimizing Plant Maintenance and Warehouse Management Using Winshuttle Workflow Solutions
PlexxusMark GoodaireHow Plexxus Manages High Data Volumes and Improves Data Quality
REIKentner CottinghamWinshuttle as a Catalyst for Operational Agility and Strategic Adaptability
Rockwell AutomationLance YoderReal World Optimizations for SAP Material Master Data Processes Using Winshuttle Query, Central and Transaction
Sealed AirAlka BhavsarIT and Business Collaboration – Increasing Business Value of Internal Processes
Siemens InfrastructureHowie Hsu5 Ways Siemens Changed the Culture of Product Life-Cycle Management and Manufacturing Best Practices
TE ConnectivityTammy NugentTE Connectivity Rolls Out SAP HR in Over 60 Countries with Winshuttle
US SugarRobert JamersonStreamlining SAP Vendor Master Data Creation and Maintenance Workflow at US Sugar
WinshuttleTiffani MarsingTraining – Transaction 101
WinshuttleAdrian JimenezTraining – Workflow 101
WinshuttleKendahl HorvathTraining – Winshuttle Central & SharePoint
WinshuttleSamantha GodfreyTraining – Winshuttle Connect and License Management
WinshuttleCharles HowardTraining – Extreme Transaction
WinshuttleClinton JonesTraining – Winshuttle for Finance
WinshuttleKristian KalsingTraining – Winshuttle for Master Data
WinshuttleMark SommervilleTraining – Query
WinshuttleMark SommervilleTraining – Transaction for HR
WinshuttleJennifer HwangTraining – Transaction for Logistics
WinshuttleAdrian JimenezTraining – Winshuttle Workflow: InfoPath Controls
WinshuttleAdrian JimenezTraining – Winshuttle Workflow: Parent/Child Processes
WinshuttleAdrian JimenezTraining – Winshuttle Workflow: Participant Resolvers
Worcestershire County CouncilAmandy ByrnePutting Mass Data Maintenance Back into the Hands of the Business User
Wyndham GroupTravis ColbyIncrease the Proficiency of Your FICO Data Migration

2012 (Atlanta)

AES - ArgentinaPablo IturraldeBest practices for creation and standardization framework of Winshuttle processes for deployment to subsidiaries
B BraunErin StoneUsing Query to Streamline Data Flow
City of TacomaTravis de GrouchyAchieving More with Less
DB SchenkerSeth PletaIncrease the Productivity of Finance
Freescale SemiconductorGregory HensleyWinshuttle Technical Wizardry
HollyFrontierBlake AbbottUsing SharePoint and Winshuttle to Effectively Manage the Master Data Process in SAP
iSoftStoneChris RoozenUse Solution Accelerators for SharePoint and Master Data
Johnsonville SausageJason KingWinshuttle File Governance for non-CENTRAL customers
Kellogg'sAmber BonnellImproving SAP Fixed Assets Accuracy and Efficiency
MicrosoftTrevor GeigerImproving Data Management, Payroll, and Accounting
MicrosoftTrevor Geiger & Cheryl WoldImproving Data Management, Payroll, and Accounting at Microsoft
Newcrest Mining - AustraliaSwamy VeerankiReduce PM Master Data Bottlenecks to Improve Planning with Winshuttle
Orange County Public SchoolsPatrick SmithManaging SAP Data Across Systems & Modules
OrbisLynda KetelboeterAccelerating SAP Sales Order Processing and Data Maintenance Using Winshuttle
REIKentner CottinghamREI Process Evolution: Enhanced Integration of WinShuttle, Excel, and SharePoint
RIMHaris ChowdhryAutomating the Bill of Material (BOM) Setup/Allocation Process with Winshuttle
Rockwell AutomationLance YoderData Quality for Material Master Data
Siemens CanadaMichael VladSimplified Order Entry and Projects Validation
The Coca-Cola CompanyTanya AllgoodMarketing Expense Management PO Request Creation/Submission – The Evolution
UNESCODeborah TalAutomation of HR Budget and Expenditure Control
US Sugar CorporationRobert JamersonHCM Hire and Rehire Processing
Welch AllynRyan ConwellWelch Allyn’s Proven Approach for Optimizing Material Master Maintenance
WinshuttleWinshuttleWinshuttle Workflow Training
WinshuttleWinshuttleWinshuttle Master Data Training

2011 (Chicago)

CapgeminiNicolas DelestradeUtilisation de Transaction
ConocoPhillipsBrandi CzerniewskiSAP Plant Maintenance Process Innovation
DelhaizeKris Van BelleComment Transaction aide Delhaize à tenir son SAP en bonne santé
Houghton Mifflin HarcourtBrandy PerdueCentralizing Winshuttle at HMH
OTB SolutionsDan MillerIntegrating Sharepoint and SAP
Pitney BowesCathleen TaylorBridging the Gap to a Strategic Transformation Project
Siemens Canada LtdMichael VladSimplified Order Entry and Projects Validation
TIMCAL Graphite & CarbonDu code barre à SAP, saisie des inventaires au moyen des Webservices générés par Winshuttle
Wales & West UtilitiesNick HancockChallenges with Asset Management and how Winshuttle Helps
WinshuttleJim O'FarrellBusiness Value Assessment
WinshuttleMatthew MooreUsability Research & Results

2010 (New Orleans)

AIGStan LightellDriving SAP Financials Data Migration and Business Process Improvement
BOCBen FisherThe concept of Master Data Management (MDM) & how to implement it
Johnson & JohnsonClaude VimanSimplifying SAP Data Governance & Implications for Mass Data Management
MississaugaPaul LapointeOptimizing finance processes for Canada’s most business friendly city
Murray Energy CorporationRobert GlitchImproving SAP SD Processes Featuring Transaction and Excel